Life isn’t about thinking “outside the box”, it’s about realizing that we are the ones that create the box and that we are the ones responsible for removing it.  We are limitless in all aspects of our life if we simply Live Life Without The Box.

I created this site to share ideas that have helped me understand that I have ultimate control of my life.  My goal is to spread positive and uplifting information to help others realize that they can live their lives however they want, not within the imaginary boundaries they have placed around themselves.

I also share photos and reviews of favorite places that my wife and I have traveled that I think others would enjoy as well.

You can also find Artwork that my wife creates and sells on her Etsy Page:

LexSea Art

I hope you enjoy my site and if you can think of just one person who may benefit from it please pass it on!  The more people who know that they are in control of their lives the better.

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  1. Hi Mike. It is all connected isn’t it? I appreciate the financial aspect is included in your mission and topics, financial health is really tied to everything else and for me a good financial base = freedom! I’m all about freedom. :). Thanks for the follow and looking forward to getting to know you here. Marika


    1. mmatern23 says:

      Thanks for the feedback Marika! I couldn’t agree more. Although money can’t buy happiness, it certainly provides options and levels of security in life that can’t be obtained without it, just the world we live in.

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