Why I Voted For Clinton

This is not an effort to change the minds of those already made up.  This is for all the people (especially in swing states such as PA, NC & FL) who are on the fence about who to vote for.


This is also for the people who are so frustrated with the 2 major options that they are considering voting for a 3rd party candidate or not at all. I wanted so badly to vote for a 3rd party candidate this year but our nation just isn’t ready. To vote for a candidate only polling at 4.8 % or 2.1% is unfortunately a wasted vote in an election this important and this close.


So if you are on the fence and/or considering a 3rd party candidate, let’s talk about why I voted for Clinton.

Despite her enormous amount of defects, she is the best option we have to make what I believe is progress in the areas  that matter most to me:

  • The Economy
  • The Environment
  • National Security
  • Equality and Compassion

Although she can not be trusted, having her as president is much more likely to result in positive policy movement in these areas than with Trump given his individualist mentality and hard line stances on the issues.

The Economy

If you’ve read my post on Income Inequality you’ll see the result of policies such as lowering taxes on the wealthy and granting massive tax breaks to corporations.  It is clear to me that Income Inequality leads to a stagnant money supply because the wealthy spend far less of what they earn than the middle and lower class. This means that money in the top 10% sits in high end homes, luxury goods, large stock investments, etc. instead of being funneled directly through the economy by purchasing everyday goods and services that drive economic growth.  Yes, Trump has achieved great success as a business man but he represents a big business, not a small one. Big business is doing great in our country. It’s the average worker and small businesses that need the help.  When you compare their two plans it becomes clear that Trump’s policy will continue the “Trickle Down Economics” theory which has turned out to be false while Clinton will begin to impose more taxes on the wealthy.


Although Hillary has her hands in Wall-street pockets, with her as president, Bernie and Our Revolution can help the people continue to push her in the right direction on issues such as Wall-street and Corporate Tax reform.

The Environment

Climate Change is real. Period.

All of the most respected agencies are in agreement and it could have catastrophic effects on our future generations (even if Elon gets us to Mars in time).  I discussed what we can do as individuals to help in an earlier post but what’s just as important are the policies our government enacts to help combat the damage that is already done while limiting future contributions to Climate Change as quickly as possible.

It’s very clear what each candidates stance is on Climate Change:

National Security

Although things have gotten worse under Clinton as Secretary of state abroad, trump is an absolute wildcard when it comes to foreign policy. I am truly afraid that if Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un say the wrong things in the wrong way to him it could end up being WW3. All Clinton had to do was call him a puppet and he lost his mind on national TV.

I’m hopeful that Clinton has learned from mistakes made while Secretary of State and will use that experience in a positive way to negotiate favorable outcomes for the World without using force unless absolutely necessary. Compare this to Trumps message of violence:


Equality And Compassion

Donald Trump’s consistent insults and offensive language towards minorities, veterans, people with disabilities and women (whether he truly is racist/sexist or not) has created a greater divide among our people than we’ve seen since the early 60’s.

It’s not about being politically correct, it’s just being a respectful person and realizing for most people perception is reality.  This language and mentality will not bring people together, it will drive them apart.

In Conclusion…

Both choices are so far from adequate that the only way I could decide was by focusing on the few issues that matter most to me. Income inequality slows the economy, climate change is real and Trump’s divisive language and lack of self control makes him a wild card with foreign policy and drives a stake between our own citizens. These 4 things forced my hand on the ballot in Clinton’s favor. I will agree wholeheartedly that Clinton is flawed in so many ways but I will stand by my decision based on the facts laid before you and the hope that no matter who becomes president, we will all come together once this election is over and continue to work hard at making all our lives better in every way possible.


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