Be Over Have

Life Without The Box

We live in a time and society that is driven by the “Haves”.  Every day we look around us and see other people with things that we would like to have.

“Bob got a nice new Camaro!”

“Jenny has such a sweet boyfriend!  Where can I find a guy like that?”

“Mark and Sue’s kids are so well behaved.”

“Tammy just got promoted again!”

The things that people have are even more visible today because of Facebook, Twitter, and the constant bombardment we are under by commercials and advertisements that try to convince us we need more and better things to keep up with the times.  These ideas have shifted our collective focus from BEING better people, to HAVING better stuff.  It is time for us to remember that Being is more important than Having:


Wishing that you had more or better things directs your focus away from yourself.  This external…

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