Spirituality Is Bigger Than You Think

I look at spirituality as my connection with consciousness.  I believe that all conscious things are individual port holes that the collective consciousness experiences life through.  My port hole, your port hole and all other peoples port holes are collectively the full body of consciousness and what most people think of when they think of “God”.  This consciousness is responsible for all things in our reality and our individual perspective on them.

I think of it as a beam of light; when you look at something that is the color red, what you are really seeing is an object that absorbs all wavelengths of light EXCEPT red.  So when I look at you, I am seeing the portion of the collective consciousness that represents who “you” are in our limited 4 dimensional reality, even though you really include all aspects of the all inclusive consciousness.

The concept of “you” is one of the major unanswered questions of our time.  We have a body, a brain, ideas, memories, etc.  But none of that really defines who “you” are as explained by Tim Urban in his great post “What Makes You You?”.  I have come to the conclusion (at least until there is more sufficient evidence otherwise) that the “You” we experience is just a lens for god to experience itself with.  In my mind, the greatest accomplishment in life is to expand your lens to include as much of the entire consciousness as possible.

In order to accomplish this I focus on three specific techniques:

  • Learning
  • Reflection
  • Relationships


When I learn something new, it feels like I am getting to know myself better.  If god is responsible for all things that exist, and I am a part of god, then every piece of information that I learn, is actually something I am learning about myself.  By learning through education, travel and life experiences I am able to better know myself.


Reflection is the act of meditation.  By getting to better know myself and how my mind works, I am better able to understand that I am an observer of this reality and that there is much more to me than my actions, feelings and thoughts.


Because we are ALL a part of this collective consciousness, it would be foolish to think that I can understand everything there is to know about our reality without taping into the thoughts and feelings of others.  Imagine if each person carried with them a lens that allowed only 1 wavelength of visible light to pass through.  You could spend your whole life seeing nothing but Green!  But by communicating with and building relationships with other people, they let you get a glimpse of what life is like through their lens.  The more people you get to know, the more colors you get to see!

Because of my belief that we are all one with each other and god, I believe that spirituality is much more inclusive than just your relationship with a higher being or a creator.  I look at spirituality as my relationship with this collective consciousness, whether it be my part of the consciousness, yours or the whole.  In this way I think of my relationship with my parents as spiritual.  My relationship with my fiancé as spiritual.  My relationship with all other living things as a spiritual relationship.

By fostering these relationships, reflecting on myself and taking time to learn about all aspects of the cosmos, I truly feel at peace and connected to the world around me.  I encourage you to try this method of thinking.  I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed with it’s results.


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