New Years Evolution

 “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Another year has come to past and now we start the beginning of our next 585 Million mile journey around the sun.  For that’s all that a year really is anyway.  It’s a measure of how many days it takes our tiny planet to orbit all the way around our star, our energy source.  Ever since the ancient Babylonians began promising their gods that they would repay their debts, humans have taken the transition from one year to the next as an opportunity to set expectations for themselves to achieve before the Earth returns to this current orbital location.  I myself, have spent many years setting and striving to achieve these so called “New Years Resolutions”.  I am a big believer in the benefits of setting goals for yourself and focusing effort and energy on them to help improve yourself.  This year, I have taken a twist on the way I have set my goals.  In the past, I have focused on one-off achievement type goals such as “buy a house”, “run a marathon”, “get a promotion”.  At the end of the year I would review these goals and either be satisfied or feel lacking in my accomplishments of the year.  But this year, I am taking the daily habit approach.  This year, my “new year’s resolutions” are more like “daily evolutions”.  By focusing every day on completing habits that will (hopefully) greatly improve my life, I am working towards evolving myself as a human being by the end of this year.  Here is my list of transformative habits I hope to ingrain in my subconscious by December 31st 2015:

  •  Be Nice – At all times!  Being angry or belligerent never helps any situation.
  • Simplify & Organize – Keeping life simple and organized helps you focus and reduces the stress of having too much on your mind and not knowing where things are or what you need to do.
  • Meditate – Being mindful of your thoughts and actions allows you to be proactive with your responses to life’s situations instead of reactive while maintaining a  calm demeanor.
  • Exercise – A healthy body is key to maintaining health in all other aspects of your life
  • Eat Healthy – The fuel you feed your body has a much greater impact than we tend to realize.
  • Learn – Filling your brain with information to help you achieve your goals is key to success in this game we call life.  My favorite methods are books, podcasts and free online classes.
  • Travel  – Focusing more on where I go and what I do tends to breed more happiness than worrying about what I want from a materialistic point of view.
  • Save / Invest – Avoiding frivolous spending and putting money towards our travel and investment goals paves a path for a bright future.

I encourage you think of a year from now and instead of worrying about “what do I want to do?” think about “what do I want to be?”

Happy New Year!


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